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Valuation Services

HVA offers sophisticated and complex independent valuation and modeling services to investment funds.  Since 2008, HVA has served as a trusted partner to funds ranging from $2B portfolios to individual investments of $50M.  HVA provides a high level of detail and insight into each underlying business' strategies and growth initiatives to capture an accurate picture of asset value.  Our advisory work with mid-market operating companies and particular experience with real estate allow us a nuanced lens to understand the issues and opportunities at a granular level.  We aim to deliver tools that can be a value-add for asset managers rather than just a straightforward modeling exercise that checks a box.  

Business Modeling & Analytics

HVA is a trusted partner to elucidate and simplify complex operating and investment agreements into clear KPIs to show your positions' growth over time.

Specialized Independent Valuation Services for Real Estate & Operating Company Holdings

HVA's market insight and connection to both real estate and operating companies allows nuanced understanding of business conditions and provides defensible valuations during external review.

Complex Financial Instruments

Understand the value of your position through complex business cycles as we forecast and summarize waterfalls and preferred return models to highlight your cash flow.

Portfolio Valuation & Advisory Services

Complex modeling, waterfall analysis, DCF valuation, comp set and multiple benchmarking.

Structured Finance & Capital Equipment Valuation

Provide tools, KPIs, and information needed to optimize your capital management strategy and financing structures.

Transaction Opinions

Mitigate risks for major stakeholders during corporate transactions.

More information is available for our flagship ValuationPlus service offering. 
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