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Decorative Concrete Structure


In all of HVA's restructuring assignments, our team rolls up our sleeves and works to arrive at a deep understanding of the business, key personnel, operations, and the financial and market drivers that affect the company internally and externally, both positively and negatively, in order to develop comprehensive and creative solutions to business challenges.  We then work with stakeholders to build strategic plans that address the current strengths and weaknesses in the company and identify new opportunities, new corporate positioning and structure, operational efficiency improvements, new lines of business, and expansion of current businesses, as well as the resources required to achieve new growth and capture new market share.

Restructuring Advisory

HVA helps companies develop and execute restructuring strategies to realize maximized value and long-term change.

Fiduciary Services

HVA provides strong external and objective leadership for companies.  We focus on implementing best practices for finance, management, and operations.

Interim Crisis Management

HVA integrates into company to take on interim manamgement roles to lead in periods of significant uncertainty and crisis.

Debt Advisory

We assist our clients by identifying and implementing proper debt strategies and solutions for the current business conditions.

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