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Water Drops

Corporate Transformation

HVA aligns with company principals to determine and execute corporate strategy & transformation opportunities to catalyze growth and market position.  We work to de-risk the company's growth and focus on long-term value-creation. The goal is always to achieve outsized equity value, optimized business performance, and maximized enterprise value.

Corporate Transformation

Work with management teams to drive & accelerate sustained performance improvement initiatives & value-creation opportunities.

Corporate M&A Services

Provide comprehensive sell-side and buy-side advisory, guide the process of search, spin-offs, divestitures, or restructurings. 

PE Bootcamp for Principals

HVA's PE Bootcamp takes Principals through a process of exercises, education, and analysis to prepare them with the full knowledge of each potential outcome of a transaction and how that might affect them from a personal, tax, financial, and familial perspective.  HVA's PE Bootcamp also helps establish how the Principals' relationships with the company will evolve post-transaction.

In-House Corporate Finance Roles

HVA is prepared to step into interim in-house corporate finance roles for companies to help them achieve growth objectives.

Management & Strategy Consulting

Guide manangement teams on developing growth strategies to maximize opportunities and address potential hidden challenges upfront.  Our focus on continually looking for and driving long-term growth allows management to stay focused on day-to-day operations and performance.

Brand Capitalization

We seek to increase the value of the entire company by strengthening and forwarding the unique aspects of client companies and products as represented by their brand.  We identify their specific value in the marketplace and leverage it as a value multiplier through company growth.

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